Sarah Lawrence College Gallery 1982

Two of Buchanan's major works, "Network" and "Circuit" were exhibited in the fall of 1982 at the Sarah Lawrence College Gallery in Bronxville, NY.  The following is an excerpt from the catalog describing the artist's style, and a collage of pieces remaining from the catalog.

Jerry Buchanan's work has been described by the critic John Russell as lying somewhere between "painting" and "making."  Another important duality in this artist's work is that the look and presence of his works are rigorously abstract while the direct references in the work are to a host of things and situations in the real work of lasting importance to the artist.  His work has always been resolutely autobiographic.  His predilection of many years to slowly build an individual painting over a period of two to six months continues, while the scale of his paintings and their tendency towards being more painterly and more gestural increase. "

(quote taken from text shown below photos below)



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