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Sketches from 1972

Paintings of Memory and Desire

Excerpt from Jerry Buchanan's Sketch Book 1972

In his 30's, Jerry spent many hours contemplating art as viewed through a window.  Perhaps he thought he might glimpse the solution to an artistic problem if he studied this perspective.  He considered the window metaphor numerous times in sketches during this period of his life.

The painting, "Landscape" was created on many canvases during Jerry Buchanan's career. The date of the above painting is not known.   His sketch book illustrates a variety of concepts such as window panes with glass, and frames filled with carpet.  Most of these concepts were actually constructed, supporting the comments made throughout Jerry's career that "Mr. Buchanan builds, rather than paints, his art."

Some thoughts from Jerry's sketchbook follow ...

"I'm getting to a very un-self-conscious way of painting.  The question  will arise soon:  does it evoke passion?

"These colors in the current "window" series is a cross between "art" and "life."  It is a blending of a conceptual wood colouration and conceptual cubist colouration.  Painting semi-wood on "point" colors; blue brushed in "wood" strokes.  Painted wood becomes more or less "natural. 

"Consider all possible manifestations of painterliness; a didactic art, in making the several explications possible, instead of the single solution, of a problem? Is it necessary to "clean -up" after a stroke?
J. Buchanan, from his Sketchbook, 1972



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