Jerry Buchanan devoted his life to painting, teaching and study. Born in Wichita, Kansas he lived much of his adult years in the Little Italy area of Manhattan, NY near SoHo galleries where he was often featured as an exhibitor. He lists 54 major works of art in his retrospective. Many have been sold and exist in various collections today.

Twelve major representations of Buchanan's lifetime works of art are are presented in his website.  Landscape is an undated painting first appearing in Jerry's sketchbooks in 1972; the sketchbooks are featured in the website with the painting to illustrate the evolution of his concept. Narcissus is an emotionally stirring diptych once exhibited extensively in New York Galleries. The Dead Duck triptch was Jerry's final work, created as he struggled with cancer. The colors and imaginative shapes in Jerry's paintings are as alive on his canvases today as they were when he painted them in his studio at 99 Chrystie Street, two decades or more ago. 

Sequential and Diaristic Drawings

Buchanan employed a style of painting often referred to as "sequential and diaristic."  He spent months building each work, invoking the feelings of his life story onto the canvas.  The colors reflect the darkness and lightness he felt in his soul; the shapes often told the story of interrelationships between mind and body.  These works of art were conceived during hours upon hours of deep, emotional introspection, and a hunger for resolution to problems in his personal life. Jerry's love for his students has been magnificently preserved though his journals and letters recording his days at Princeton University. Surely all of this emotion contributed to the texture of this captivating art, and made Jerry a beautiful human being. 

 "Why try to communicate in art?  Can we help fellow humans understand more about life, what it is to be human?  Can art help offset negatives of life:  war, bigotry, greed, hate? "

Jerry Buchanan
Personal Journal 1987

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  • Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, Connecticut

  • American Telephone and Telegraph, New York City

  • Orlando Diaz, San Francisco, California

  • Thomas Disch, New York

  • Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Gerstin, Washington, D.C.

  • Robert Herschkowitz, London, England

  • Ronald Lauder, New York

  • Estate of Barry Lowen, Los Angeles, California

  • Jeffrey Paley, New York City

  • The Reiner Family Collection, Bethesda, Maryland

  • Security Pacific National Bank, New York Headquarters

  • Robin Symes and Christo Micholedes, New York

  • A. Alfred Taubman, Detroit, Michigan

  • University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

  • Michael Walls, New York

  • Nelson/Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Missouri


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